SPOT (XME) GUI Wallet available now!

The SPOTme (XME) GUI wallet is here.   Download it today!

Save time. Sync your wallet with our new remote node!

Using our remote node  saves you time and allows us to pave the path for better tools down the road.  Read more about how to use it here.

SPOTme (XME) is now ASIC Resistant!

ASIC resistance means that everyone is on a level playing field when it comes to mining spot.  We want to ensure our miners are protected from miners using specialized hardware.

Why SPOTme (XME)?

SPOTme Coin Project is building SPOTme (XME), a cryptocurrency, and the
platform necessary to take cryptocurrency to the next level.


Download SPOTme (XME) Software

Software you need to interact with our cryptocurrency

SPOTme Coin Features

We are focused on making our tools much more user friendly. We need to will reduce the technical complexity while minimizing the trade-offs. We are creating tools for real people focused on the user experience. Often, less is more.

Funding the SPOTme project

We use the pre-mine to fund the ongoing operations of the project. Below you can see our planned use of the pre-mined funds.

Premine Distro

  • 15% - Investors (non ICO) (released January 28th, 2020)
  • 10% - Giveaways
  • 10% - Bounties
  • 15% - Developers (released June 28th, 2020)
  • 50% -Project Reserves (operations, ICO, Team expansion, etc)


This timeline details our history and development goals.

  • July 2017

    The project team began the
    journey of fixing cryptocurrency

  • December 2017

    ICO to raise funds for the
    next phase of development
    for SPOTme

  • January 2018

    SPOTme Cryptocurrency is alive on the network

  • May 2018

    SPOTme platform becomes ASIC resistant

  • Mid 2018

    Interactive Tools for the
    SPOTme platform
    released for ease of use
    with a graphical interface
    on the desktop and mobile

  • 2019

    Platform launches App Store

  • 2020

    Vendor tools launched

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